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An EPO is an Exclusive Provider Organization. EPO

plans are more restrictive than other plans in terms of

benefits. Benefits are only available within the network.

The plan does not require a referral for specialist visits.

Basically, you are required to stay within the network.


The Preferred Provider Organization is called a PPO. As

opposed to other types of plans, these usually have a

larger provider network. By staying within the network,

you will receive maximum benefits. Although you won't

receive as much coverage when you go out of network,

you will still receive some benefits. You can see a

specialist without a referral from a primary care

physician (PCP) when you have a PPO plan. A plan like

this is ideal if you travel a lot, want more options for

doctors, or don't want to need a referral every time you

see a specialist.


Health Maintenance Organizations are called HMOs.

Medical providers who are contracted with the

insurance company make up this type of health care

plan. Benefits are only provided if you stay within the

network unless you have a real emergency. They will

provide a list of primary care physicians (PCPs) in their

network. A referral from your PCP is required if you need

to see a specialist


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